ACOG is upping the opposition, we need your voice to make the difference.

06/24/2015 9:56 AM | Jeanette McCulloch (Administrator)

While we’ve been working on making sure all women in California have access to the care of licensed midwives, ACOG has been throwing up roadblocks.

We need your calls - and your clients’ calls - now to counter ACOG’s influence in Sacramento.

Please share and forward this message with your friends, neighbors, and clients.

How To Help in Five Minutes Or Less:

1.Click here to find your Assemblymember.

2.If they are on Assembly Business and Professions (see below) then ask them to “please vote yes for SB407”

3.If they are NOT on Assembly Business and Professions, please call and ask them to “please ask your colleagues on Business and Professions to vote in support of this bill.”

If you are near or able to travel to Sacramento . . . 

We need to pack the hearing room with supporters next Tuesday. No legislative experience necessary! Your main job is being there, showing legislators how many people care about access to licensed midwives.

To RSVP and for additional details, please contact

According to ACOG, midwives aren’t qualified to coordinate care for the CPSP. The CPSP program provides Medi-Cal recipients with enhanced services in the areas of nutrition, psychosocial and health education. The role of the CPSP coordinator is to make referrals and follow up.

As you know, midwives receive expert training in identifying the needs of their clients and referring to community resources where needed. Collaborative, coordinated care is a hallmark of midwifery care.

This is just a diversion from what truly matters - ensuring that ALL pregnant women have the option to choose a licensed midwife, regardless of income.

SB407 is a key part of our strategy to extend Medi-Cal coverage to licensed midwives. We just had a major victory yesterday: we passed unanimously out of the Assembly Health committee, even with ACOG opposition. This was thanks to your calls! We also added a new sponsor: Senator Holly Mitchell, (D) 30.

The bad news: ACOG said they plan to further increase their opposition to the bill before next Tuesday’s vote in Assembly Business and Professions. 

Please call and share this post today!

Assembly Business and Professions members:

Susan Bonilla (Chair) (916) 319-2014

Brian W. Jones (Vice Chair) (916) 319-2071

Catharine B. Baker (916) 319-2016

Richard Bloom (916) 319-2050

Nora Campos (916) 319-2027

Ling Ling Chang (916) 319-2055

Bill Dodd (916) 319-2004

Susan Talamantes Eggman (916) 319-2013

Mike Gatto (916) 319-2043

Chris R. Holden (916) 319-2041

Kevin Mullin (916) 319-2022

Philip Y. Ting (916) 319-2019

Scott Wilk (916) 319-2038

Jim Wood (916) 319-2002

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