Your help needed to secure Medi-Cal coverage for the care of licensed midwives

06/16/2015 10:56 AM | Jeanette McCulloch (Administrator)

So far, our bill for the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) - a key piece of our Medi-Cal strategy - has already passed the Senate and is now in the Assembly. We have a strong chance of victory!


But ACOG has said they are planning to wage their battle against the legislation in the Assembly Health committee. Our bill - SB 407 - has been slated for a vote in just one week. 

We need your help NOW to ensure our bill clears this critical hurdle. 

Medi-Cal coverage could dramatically expand insurance coverage for California Families:

  • Currently, 49% of pregnant women in California are insured by Medi-Cal. This means that nearly half of all families don’t have coverage for licensed midwives.

  • Private insurers look to Medi-Cal to decide what services they should cover in the health plans provided by employers or purchased by families. This means that Medi-Cal coverage could equal access to midwifery care for even more families in our state.

  • CAM believes that every family deserves access to the nurturing, hands-on care that a midwife provides.


Please forward this post to your friends, family, and clients in your area and ask them to take action now!

Quick Action Steps


Find your legislator here.

If your representative is on the Assembly Health committee, please ask them to vote YES on SB 407. (See below for members of Assembly Health)


If your representative is NOT on the Assembly Health committee, please ask that they encourage their colleagues on the Assembly Health committee to vote YES on SB 407.


Once you’ve called, please let us know HERE on Facebook that you’ve called and who you called. Thank you!


Calls take less than 5 minutes. You don’t need to be an expert to call and it is MUCH easier than you think. Need quick tips? Check here.


Join us at the hearing!


If you or anyone you know would like to join us June 23rd in Sacramento at the hearing, please email for details.

Assembly Health Committee Members:

Assemblyperson Rob Bonta

(916) 319-2018

Email: Contact Assembly Member Rob Bonta


Assemblyperson Brian Maienschein

(916) 319-2077

Email: Contact Assembly Member Brian Maienschein


Assemblyperson Susan Bonilla

(916) 319-2014

Email: Contact Assembly Member Susan Bonilla


Assemblyperson Autumn Burke

(916) 319-2062

Email: Contact Assembly Member Autumn R. Burke


Assemblyperson Rocky Chávez

(916) 319-2076

Email: Contact Assembly Member Rocky J. Chávez


Assemblyperson David Chiu

(916) 319-2017

Email: Contact Assembly Member David Chiu


Assemblyperson Jimmy Gomez

(916) 319-2051

Email: Contact Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez


Assemblyperson Lorena Gonzalez

(916) 319-2080

Email: Contact Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez


Assemblyperson Roger Hernández

(916) 319-2048

Email: Contact Assembly Member Roger Hernández


Assemblyperson Tom Lackey

(916) 319-2036

Email: Contact Assembly Member Tom Lackey


Assemblyperson Adrin Nazarian

(916) 319-2046

Email: Contact Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian


Assemblyperson Jim Patterson

(916) 319-2046

Email: Contact Assembly Member Jim Patterson


Assemblyperson Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

(916) 319-2054

Email: Contact Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas


Assemblyperson Freddie Rodriguez

(916) 319-2052

Email: Contact Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez


Assemblyperson Miguel Santiago

(916) 319-2053

Email: Contact Assembly Member Miguel Santiago


Assemblyperson Marc Steinorth

(916) 319-2040

Email: Contact Assembly Member Marc Steinorth


Assemblyperson Tony Thurmond

(916) 319-2015

Email: Contact Assembly Member Tony Thurmond


Assemblyperson Marie Waldron

(916) 319-2075

Email: Contact Assembly Member Marie Waldron


Assemblyperson Jim Wood

(916) 319-2002

Email: Contact Assembly Member Jim Wood

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