AB 1308 Amendments in Print

09/07/2013 12:01 PM | Sarah Davis (Administrator)
The final amendments to Assembly Bill 1308: Midwifery by Susan Bonilla have been published.  This includes the unprecedented removal of the physician supervision requirement for LMs! The bill will be voted on in the senate next week, and it may also be heard in one or several senate and assembly committees.  Finally it will be heard in the full assembly for a concurrence vote.  This is the last week of the legislative session so the bill must pass all of these hurdles this week if it is going to go to the governor's desk this year. Please contact your state senators and assemblymembers, with the simple message that you SUPPORT AB 1308. Even if you have previously contacted your legislators, please contact them again, since there have been substantial changes made to the bill.  When leaving a message, be sure to leave your name and address. You can even leave your message over the weekend!

The bill text is available here: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/13-14/bill/asm/ab_1301-1350/ab_1308_bill_20130906_amended_sen_v95.pdf

In plain language, the bill now includes:

  • Removal of the physician supervision requirement, which will allow LMs to become Medi-Cal providers.
  • A definition of normal birth and the requirement that LMs attend only those births which fall within the normal birth definition. The normal birth definition includes women who do not have any preexisting disease or condition impacting pregnancy, or any disease arising from pregnancy, and women who do have preexisting disease or condition or a disease arising from pregnancy who have an examination by an obstetrician who determines that the disease or condition is not likely to significantly affect the pregnancy and birth . The normal birth definition includes only births of singleton, vertex babies between 37-42 weeks. 
  • Allow for concurrent care for pregnant women who don’t meet the criteria for normal pregnancy and birth.
  • Authorizes LMs to directly obtain drugs, devices and testing related to midwifery practice.
  • Adds requirements to the written disclosure the LM makes to clients.
  • Require LMs to provide records and give report to the physician receiving a transfer of care.
  • Require hospitals to report each transfer using a standardized form for the purposes of collecting data for quality improvement on the part of hospitals receiving transfers from out-of-hospital births.
  • Allow the Medical Board to adjust the data elements for the annual reporting so that the licensed midwife annual report will give better, more useful data, similar to MANA stats data.
  • Requires than new licencees becoming LMs through the challenge process, after January 1, 2015, must have formal didactic education.
  • Add LMs as providers in licensed alternative birth centers.

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